Security Systems That Fit Your Life Style

Security is an issue for everyone to consider. Whether you live and work in “safe” areas or you need to have concerns about one or both, you probably already think about the security of your family, possessions and yourself. The evolution of security has gone from biological (a dependable dog and a dependable neighbor) to hardware (locks and alarms) to software (computerized systems and wireless controls). Today’s hi-tech security systems can adapt to fit your life style.


There is no “one size fits all” security plan, as individual needs differ drastically. Apartment dwellers have different concerns than homeowners. City dwellers have different needs than suburbanites or rural citizens. When you think of security systems, you may emphasize the word “security,” but today, the word “system” is just as important.


Your home safety system should start with balance. There’s no value in putting a first-class lock on a third-class door. An impenetrable door is worthless next to a big, glass window that is unprotected. A traditionally protected home is still a target if it’s the most tempting or most vulnerable target on the block. Home security systems have to consider the context of possible security threats.

In a quiet, dark neighborhood, it makes sense to plant thorny bushes beneath bedroom windows. But if the context of your security threats includes the possibility of wild brush fires in the area, the bushes should go and motion detectors take their place.

A home that is difficult to enter is safer from intruders but less safe for very young or old family members. Window bars can keep intruders out and toddlers in but they can also bar fire fighters and escaping family. Find your vulnerable points. If your home is securely locked but you remotely open your garage door when you are still a distance from the driveway, you may be allowing unwelcome visitors to make a welcoming committee.


Add remote controlled lights to the remote garage door and make sure the entry from the garage to the house is secure. Step one of creating home security systems is good planning. A loss of electrical power can create crimes of opportunity. Make sure that electrical locking and alarm security systems are backed up with battery-operated systems, and that goes for security lights, too. When a change of situation occurs – whether it’s a new baby, a new pet or a change in health, reassess your security systems to make sure they still protect the household. No security systems work well without planning.



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