Deciding on an Auto Security System

Protecting a home is extremely important because your family, investment and memories can be harmed by natural elements, broken into by burglars or vandals, or consumed by fire. The good thing is that a house can’t be stolen as most homes are not portable. A car, on the other hand, needs to be protected from all of the things that can harm a house plus the fact that it can be stolen.

The whole purpose of a car is portability - it has wheels and a motor. It even has seats, air conditioning and a radio to make a car thief feel comfortable while he makes off with it. What’s car owner to do? The car owner should start by deciding what kind of auto security system he needs.

Your Car’s Security Needs

The typical car alarm emits a piercing sound when it is opened or touched. Unfortunately, so many car alarms sound false alarms, that no one really pays attention to them unless one wakes someone up. Some localities have even restricted the use of alarms if they don’t have auto turn-offs or are too loud. The moral of the story is much like the moral of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.”

Most new cars come equipped with some kind of security system. One kind of modern auto security system immobilizes the car unless it’s started with the proper key. Another popular system includes a locator that will find the car if it is missing. However, this kind of auto security system usually requires an ongoing fee. If there is any chance at all that a child could be in a car when it is stolen, the monthly fee will pay for many a good night’s rest.

Before you decide on adding an auto security system, look at your car’s security needs. If you have a home garage, it might be better to work on the garage security. A light system that’s triggered by a motion detector can discourage an opportunistic thief while allowing the neighbors to sleep through false alarms. Those raccoons can generate enough motion to be detected.

If you drive your car to work, however, your home garage security won’t be of much help during the work week. Some businesses have secure parking available for employees. Others are located near mass transit – making your home garage security very good. An immobilizer doesn’t protect a car from vandalism or the potential loss of its contents or parts. A two-way auto security system can alert you when the car is being threatened in some way. Look into how you use your car and what types of threats it is exposed to then check with the experts to find the effective auto security system for you.

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