Using a Camera Security System

Home security means alarms and detectors, lights and locks. Sometimes those things are not enough as some blind spots remain. Consider using a camera security system to fill in those areas. Today’s camera systems are miles beyond the old systems. Cameras can be triggered by motion or by a doorbell. They can be integrated with your existing security system or used as a stand-alone back up. Cameras can used indoors or out – but with all of the choices that a camera security system presents, you have to have a plan.


You have your home secure with motion detectors, door and window alarms, locks, window bars, lights and everything that everyone told you that you need. Still there are spots around your property where a screaming alarm is overkill but a strobe light is not quite enough. You may be able to fill the need with a camera security system.

That blind spot that’s close to a door but can’t be seen from a window is a natural for a camera. You know that the door from the garage has a good lock but is the door itself secure? A camera can watch it for you. Those spots that always seem to be filled with suspicious noises in the middle of the night really need a camera.

How to Do It

Once you figure out where you need a camera, figure out what you need the camera to do. A camera at the front door might only need to show you who’s there. Hook it up to the TV so you can switch over with the remote to see when the pizza arrives. The interior garage camera can be triggered by a motion detector. You decide whether you need to record the images or just take a look. Whether it’s triggered by an intruder who slipped in or by a squirrel who only wants to find a way out, you’ll be glad the camera security system is there.

Remember that outdoor cameras need to be weatherproof, whereas a camera in the baby’s room or garage does not. A camera can have a remote control to tilt and pan to show you who’s at the door even if the person moves away from the peephole. You can also tell whether the stranger at the door has a friend or two hiding in the bushes. Some cameras can add a date and time stamp to the image.

Some cameras only need to be activated by motion; you can add a motion-activated light to them for night time shooting. Some cameras should be hooked up to a VCR to record what’s happening while you’re out. A camera security system can be your eyes wherever you need them to be; even if you just want to find out who’s stealing your newspaper!

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