Important Features of a Good Desktop Security System

There are many possibilities open to users of desktops to secure them against malicious software as well as other irritants like pop-up ads that annoy the user no end. It is possible to browse the internet without having ads or pop-ups appearing when they are least wanted. Some desktop security systems allow integration of powerful privacy as well as security features and includes multi-site tabbed window browsing. Most often, the maximum security is provided to critical servers and the ordinary desktop is left to fend for itself from viruses and unwanted and malicious software.

The desktop user is exposed to a number of online threats and may become, inadvertently the entry point of attacks to the entire network. And, within an enterprise, the desktop is perhaps the last defense against threats already existing. Therefore, it is not uncommon for most desktop security systems to comprise of personal firewalls and anti virus software but these only help the desktop to reserve intrusion prevention for network connection points.

More than Just Reactive Anti-Virus Software and Personal Firewalls

The personal firewall and anti virus software leaves the desktop unprotected or is saddled with reactive security that kicks in only after the attack has begun, which is mostly too late to prevent downtime, lost transactions and compromising of confidential data as well as cause potential liabilities. In spite of the cost and complexity of desktop security systems, applying preemptive intrusion prevention may be more convenient and affordable.

Intrusion prevention technology has become a central part of desktop security systems, though it was once reserved only for corporate gateways and network connections. Internet Security Systems (ISS) allows RealSecure Desktop which is software that puts together personal firewalls and application controls in tandem with ISS’s unique and preemptive intrusion prevention systems. This allows RealSecure Desktop to block attacks by bolstering the desktop security system.

Using ISS desktop protection software, management of desktop security systems across networks is no big hassle because it can be centrally managed with SiteProtector, which is the centrally managed system that makes it easy to scale desktop protection throughout the enterprise. Because desktops are still the enterprise’s most important Information Technology assets it should not be left to rely solely on reactive anti virus and firewalls to protect itself but needs more advanced preemptive software to form the bulwark of desktop security systems that will not only ward off attacks, but also help to prevent them.

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