Two Different Types of Electronic Security Systems

There are certain essential features of an electronic security system that makes them ideal for security purposes, and these include wireless systems which are handy for retrofitting, cabled systems that are reliable, and other security components such as window and door detectors as well as camera and motion sensitive appliances. For the conscious homeowner, needing extra electronic security systems there are many sophisticated electronic systems available.

Mostly, electronic security systems are dependent on different user needs and those that have different logistical factors to contend with need different systems, and these need to be considered when in the process of designing an integrated electronic security system. To make the electronic security system more affordable, there are plenty of companies offering packages of components as substitutes for customized security systems.

In addition, there are different sensors that can be designed for various applications and for this to take effect, one needs to consider which are the potential entry as well as exit points that an intruder might use and thus position control panels and keypads in the best possible location in the house.

Different Conditions Necessitate Different Types of Security Systems

There are two different types of electronic security systems – wireless systems and cabled systems. There are advantages and disadvantages to both and the choice of which to use depends on the nature of the user’s house. As mentioned earlier, wireless electronic security systems are useful for retrofitting, especially in the case of the multistoried and double brick houses which are not conducive to cabled electronic security systems. Even for heritage homes, the wireless system may prove to be the only option open for installing electronic security systems. But, concrete walls may obstruct wireless signals and areas having plenty of radio frequency signals would impede wireless electronic security system functioning and so, cabled security systems may be the better option.

Some of the more common system components used is movement detectors as well as sensors. Through infrared or microwave frequencies, movement sensors detect intruders. On the other hand, sensors cover a number of different angles. There are also sirens and strobe lights that are used and other components are reed switches, glass break detectors, base station monitoring, duress button pendants and control panels and keypads.

The control panel links all the components of an electronic security system and runs the entire system as well as periodically tests with the monitoring center. The keypad is a console with push buttons through which the everyday functioning of the alarm system gets controlled. To arm or disarm the system, a PIN is given to all authorized persons who enter it to gain access to the premises.

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