What Do You Know About Home Computer Security Systems?

Computers are the magic word that has changed our lives in more ways than one. Today, you simply cannot imagine life without the computer, just as you cannot imagine life without electricity or gas or the telephone. It has totally merged with our day-to-day life and it cannot be excluded anymore.

The Internet and Home Computer Security System

Whenever we talk about the internet and computers, a concern for security always arises. There are so many ‘professional’ hackers out there who are looking for opportunities to peek into your personal computer. Many people are naïve enough to believe that hackers would not be interested in sabotaging their computers. However, you will be surprised to know how many actually aim to do just that. Hence, home computer security system becomes a very serious thing.

The reason for computer hacking is mostly for stealing information regarding your finances and thereby embezzling your money. Identity theft is big business today and it is usually done by hackers who manage to get into your home computer and siphon all the information stored there.

Some Simple yet Effective Ways to Ensure the Safety of Your Home Computer Security System

1. Never use the default password with which you buy the router, the modem or the computer. Change it as soon as it is installed to a new and complicated password. The “complication” should be done by adding numbers and letters so it should be impossible for the automatic hacker to stumble upon it. Password is the gate way for the hacker – once this is secure, 90 per cent of your home computer security system is done.

2. Try using the static IP instead of the dynamic IP which will ensure that someone else does not tap into your wireless network. This step becomes very important when you live in a close cluster of houses, such as apartments because it is very easy to encroach on another’s wireless net connection.

3. Learn how to lock your wireless network when not in use. This is important or you will have all the people who are around you (and within range) able to pile on your network. This can be potentially dangerous if illegal things are downloaded, or things that would require you to pay fees for.

There are many other ways to beef up your home computer security system, but these would require a higher understanding of computers. In case you feel you need more, get in touch with a professional who will do the job for you. In the meantime, these measures can provide a safety net of sorts.

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