Why Choose a Wireless Home Security System?

You know that you need a home security system because not having one keeps you up at night. Or, all your neighbors have one and you know someone who just had a break in. All are good reasons to hook up your home to a security system. But maybe you have an older home that won’t hard wire so easily. Or maybe you’re not looking forward to paying monthly fees to the security company. Maybe you’re just happier doing everything yourself. If any of this sounds like you, then you are the kind of person who should have a wireless home security system.

The Ease of Wireless

You know how sometimes the latest in technology requires an expert but sometimes a technological advance makes it easier to do it yourself? The good news is that wireless technology is the second kind. A hardwired security system is done by experts; whereas a wireless system can be installed and maintained by the do-it-yourselfer. This will save the monthly monitoring fee, too.

After it’s installed, a wireless home security system can be triggered by an attempted break in, smoke or a panic button. The system is connected to the phone system and has a list of numbers programmed. Once it’s triggered, the system dials the first number on the list. The person who answers the call can listen in and in some systems, can speak to someone in the house. The person who was called can decide whether to call emergency personnel to the home or whether to disarm. If the first number is not answered or is answered by voice mail, the second number is dialed. That’s the beauty of a wireless home security system.

The first step is to decide what part of the home needs what type of sensor. Windows and doors can have sensors that trigger the phone calls. Wireless smoke detectors can trigger a siren, a phone call to the fire department or whatever the installer decides. Motion detectors can trigger a siren, lights and/ or phone calls. A panic button system can be used when someone is home.

An elderly family member can get help for an injury or health emergency. A school-aged child can trigger an alarm if the parents aren’t home. A night time intrusion can be answered with an alarm, lights and an automated call to the police. A wireless home security system usually includes the sensors, a control panel, alarms and a remote control. So if you are not excited by the hardwired security system’s features, you can design and install your own wireless home security system.

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