Upgrading With a Wireless Security System

Maybe you’ve had a security system for years now. There are sensors on the doors and windows, security lights and a company that monitors all of the alarms for you. But what do you do when you realize that the newer security devices have passed you by?

Do you want to go through the work of finding a new security company or of setting up a whole new security system all over your home? And do you want to incur those expenses again? You don’t have to start from scratch just to upgrade. Instead of adding sensors to your hardwired system, just add some wireless devices.

Adding Monitoring

First see if you have all of the sensors you need. If your old system missed a door or window, you can just add that to the existing system. But what if you want to add a new kind of sensor, say a carbon monoxide detector? You can add a wireless security system to handle the new sensors. You won’t have to run wires or add to the existing system.

The new wireless security systems come in all sizes and you can find one to handle just a couple of sensors. While you’re adding one, do you think you can use a moisture detector? You can install a small one on the ceiling below each bathtub or the washing machine. Or you can put one where rain may come in or a drain could back up. The wireless moisture detector will send a signal to the control panel once it’s wet. You can find a system that will sound an alarm, call your cell phone or shut off the water supply.

As long as you are installing a wireless security system, why not add a security light or two? Wireless motion detectors can be set to turn on a security light. If you have a light on, why not add a camera? There are still cameras available that can snap a picture when triggered. They are less expensive than a moving camera and don’t have to be hooked up to a TV or VCR. A snap shop with time and date will let you know if you have someone casing the joint or a problem with squirrels.

If you don’t already have smoke detectors or a panic button system on your security panel, you can add them to your wireless security system. Smoke can set off an alarm, call the fire department and call your cell phone automatically. The panic button can prevent a teen from investigating a strange sound or going for the phone while the parents are at work or running errands. A press of the button will automatically dial a cell phone and, if it’s set up that way, the person on the phone can speak to anyone in the house – even an intruder. Therefore, an economic way to upgrade your security system is with a wireless security system.

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